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Doctor Waldemar Weiss,
your plastic surgeon in Paris and Brussels.

Before any attempt to modify your appearance, it is crucial to obtain a maximum of informations about all the different techniques and the qualifications of your surgeon.

This is an informative website. It was designed to help you familiarize yourself with the different techniques and to present to you its creator Dr. Weiss. It shows only commonly used processes which are approved by the medical body and leading thinking societies, such as rhinoplasty, lifting or breast augmentation.

The informations presented on this website conform to the recommendations of the National Doctor Order Council of France.

Your plastic surgeon offer the following operations :

Types of operations

Radically removes localised fat surpluses. However, liposuccion is not a diet and its goal is not to regulate a patient’s weight. It can’t in any way replace a healthy lifestyle.

It is a modification in the nose appearance aiming to improve asthetics and sometimes its function (some respiration problems). The nosejob can correct unpleasant features appeared during the teens, when olding or following a trauma.

Breast enlargement
Since 2001, silicon breast implants are allowed in France. This operation can increase the volume of breasts thought to be too small, correct small imperfections or asymmetries.

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